The expanding capabilities of your business inevitably lead to the search for optimization of what you use in your work. The components you use in your production process may not be able to tailor the parameters of your products to customers. Besides, the equipment used by your organization, may not meet requirements in the specific operating conditions by a number of parameters. In some cases, marketing research finds the required and affordable product simply unavailable in the market. Under such circumstances, the optimization of the company’s processes entails the development of a new product or improvement of the existing one.

Many of our clients are high-profile manufacturers in their field. However, the products that they purchase as components or capital equipment, often have specifics which require a professional approach. Engineering changes of such a product or development of a new one would require considerable investing into the human capital which can be challenging.
In this case, outsourcing would be an optimal solution as the engineering company takes care of engineering and manufacturing development.

The SOL 3D PROM offer outsourcing in the field of engineering. We develop solutions for several technical domains. In addition to scientific and technical documentation release, we offer services in marketing, operational support for pilot products and overall project management.

The company’s specialists have 15+ years of extensive experience in design for Boeing, Airbus, Air Liquide, Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute, Marussia Motors, Sukhoi and RTSoft and other major international and domestic companies.

The synthesis of the best world and Russian practices enables creation of solutions that are unique and competitive on the Russian market and over the Globe.

All stages of design and production of equipment are managed carefully.

At the Stage 1, we identify and discuss with the client key issues of the existing product and the ways for its modernization. The result of this communication is a jointly drafted technical requirements sheet, on the basis of which further design will be carried out.

At the Stage 2, we initially calculate cost of design and manufacture. In some cases, if an analogue of a required product already exists in the market, its acquisition can appear more rational than launch of single-piece or a small-scale manufacture. Besides feasibility study, we also carry out the analysis of the market and selection of analogues according to the technical requirements sheet.

In case of technical and economic feasibility of manufacturing of a new product, we pass to the Stage 3 which comprises engineering calculations and 3D solid-modelling.
When it is necessary to develop the equipment, which is not available in the market, it can be done from scratch. If it is necessary to make analogue of the available equipment, we offer reverse engineering. In this case, we take an existing product, study it and, using it as a basis, design the advanced analogue.
Our company carries out all necessary strength, thermal calculations, develops electronic and electrical parts.
At this stage, all details of a product are modeled, assemblage of a product is made, every joint connection is checked, convenience of assemblage and product operation is analyzed. The final 3D model is subject to confirmation by the Customer. When necessary, adjustments to the layout, dimensions and location are made.

Stage 4 is a release of the design documentation for manufacture including drawings of all details, assembly drawings, specifications, electronic and electric schematics of connection. At this stage, the list of purchasing details, the electronic and electric equipment and fasteners is compiled.

Stage 5 includes manufacture, the manufacture control and purchase of components under the purchasing details list.

Stage 6 is for product assembly and commissioning.

Stage 7 is for the transfer of equipment to the Customer.

Through all seven stages, the top quality of the project implementation is the highest priority and a cross-cutting theme for our company. The most pleasant award for us is the repeated address of the Customer who enjoyed working with us and therefore he is back to us with a new project.

Jack Welch, who at one time turned General Electric into a universally recognized major brand, articulated it as follows: quality is the best guarantee of customer loyalty.

We will make your business goals come true!