Project Management Services

SOL3DPROM renders project management services including:

  • Management of design, provision and construction;
  • Administration of construction projects;
  • Administration of manufacturing of equipment, machinery and bodies;
  • Administration of manufacturing of product prototypes for serial manufacturing;
  • Project planning, scheduling and progress monitoring;
  • Audit, control, coordination of production construction contractors, design institutes, suppliers of equipment and materials;
  • Design of business plans.

SOL3DPROM highly qualified technical specialists successfully performed a range of projects both for Russian and international companies in machinery, aerospace, oil and gas and mining industries.

Choosing SOL3DPROM you receive a complex approach to organization of work, creative solution of any tasks and constantly perfect quality of realized projects.

SOL3DPROM professionally performs complex management of the projecting process and site construction allowing guaranteeing perfect quality of works and strict observance of the contract terms and budget parameters.

SOL3DPROM performs full management of design and construction according to the scenarios agreed with the investor before getting down to work.

Thus, SOL3DPROM as a managing company solves investor’s problems with synchronization of actions of a range of counteragents, surveyors, designers, contractors and subcontractors.

Under contract on construction project management we take obligations and responsibility for realization of your project as follows:

  • Collection of initial permit documentation;
  • Engineering survey;
  • Formation of a design specification for front end engineering design, design and construction;
  • Design and agreement of a territory development project according to the established procedure;
  • Design, agreement and expertise of the “Project” stage;
  • Receipt of a construction permit;
  • Preparation of a construction site for construction and erection works (preparation of a construction footprint, mechanization of construction, engineering support, a working plan);
  • Attraction of a specialized design company to prepare working documentation (WD), review of the WD, examination of the WD for compliance with the Project stage, construction standards, legislation and issue of working documentation for performance of works;
  • Holding of a tender for selection of contractors and subcontractors to perform construction, engineering and technological works in accordance with the project requirements;
  • Performance of construction and erection works before completion of construction;
  • Quality control of construction and installation work;
  • Formation of a set of technical documents necessary for putting the site into operation;
  • Organization and participation in the acceptance of the object for operation;
  • Putting the site into operation and its transfer to the managing company.

Main advantages of attraction of SOL3DPROM as a managing company are:

  • Full control of all stages of investment project realization allows optimizing terms of works, so the term of realization of the project decreases up to 15%;
  • Decrease in expenses by 5-10%;
  • Risk management of the investment project;
  • Reliable reports.