Technical translation services


SOL3DPROM Company performs preparation and translation of different technical and scientific texts from Russian into English and vice versa:

  • technical texts;
  • the operating instructions;
  • specifications;
  • drawings;
  • scientific articles;
  • etc.

For the moment, technical text translation (including text scientific edition) still is of highest priority for the Company, and we guarantee the highest quality within this segment.



Among main directions of translation and interpretation in SOL3DPROM should be outlined the following ones: – material science, machine engineering, instrument engineering, construction field, hard sciences, medical equipment, processing and mining equipment.

Among specialized subjects:

  • material science;
  • metallurgy, metal working;
  • construction field;
  • industry and equipment (machine engineering, automobile production, ship building, gas and oil-production equipment, instrument engineering);
  • general chemistry, synthesis, organic chemistry;
  • general physics, mathematics;
  • medical and diagnostic equipment;
  • laser devices and equipment for spectrometry;
  • nuclear physics, atomic industry;
  • lithography and micro-machining;
  • nanotechnologies;
  • microscopy (optical, electron);
  • communications systems;
  • computer equipment, information technology, software and hardware;
  • electronics;
  • information display systems.

In recent years Company’s personnel has formed the entire necessary basis and developed technical translation quality internal control system. Any document independently of its scope and contents is subjected to a thorough check by scientific editors, every of which works in a particular technical field. If necessary, the document is subjected to page proof and final formatting in compliance with the Customers requirements. During translation and interpretation process is possible the discussion with the Customer of some highly technical or ambiguous moments concerning used terms (this is a common practice because in majority of situations the Customer not always can provide translators with the necessary idioglossary).

Besides technical texts translation, SOL3DPROM also provides interpreting services, and this mean that we can even dispatch our technical specialist and interpreter to the Customer’s facility (e.g., for the period of foreign equipment commissioning or adjustment at the facility). Our translators and interpreters’ participation in correspondence and during discussion of various technical moments with foreign partners is possible as well.

In order to perform translations and prepare documents modern software, termbases, as well as specialized dictionaries, field glossaries, etc are used.

If necessary, we will gladly produce a small test translation (near 2000 of signs) for free for preliminary assessment of work quality.


Written translation of technical documentation and instructions.

The prices are calculated for the standard page of the translated text (1800 characters with spaces).